Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Calling it...

Well, not quits, really. I will just no longer be updating this particular blog. The good news? This isn't my only blog. By a long shot.

Dobbs Design - my primary design blog. You can find discussions, work, and I'm working on getting a comprehensive collection of my design stuff up there, so it's the place to be!

Wilde Designs - my art & craft blog. Features of other artists, discussions, how to stuff... it's all right here!

Midnight Rider - my "about me" blog where I talk about tv, movies, cooking & general geeky goodness

Whispering Moon - my dream journal

LiveJournal - where I post my fan fic and various other random things

In other words? It's still very easy to find me, and I hope you find one or more other blogs that you'd enjoy following of mine! Have questions? Just ask! And please keep in mind that I may activate this blog again down the road, so check back if you're curious, and I will indeed post updates here.

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